Top 10 WordPress Newsletter Plugins

WordPress NewsletterEmail subscribers are the main source of the loyal readers for your blog. Whenever a post is published, the subscribers get the content directly into their inbox, and they make a habit to visit your site regularly to find new content.

It’s not easy to make an email list, rather time-consuming if you go for manual process. So how do you make an effective email subscriber list?

The answer is to use WordPress Newsletter Plugins on your blog site effectively. A lot of newsletter plugins are there in the WordPress Plugin directory. I have made a top list of best free WordPress newsletter plugins, which definitely help you to choose the right one for your blog. And start making your email subscribers.

1. Tribulant Newsletters

Tribulant Newsletters
Newsletter plugin for WordPress to capture subscribers and send beautifully, bulk newsletter emails.

This is a full-featured and versatile newsletter plugin, which offers email subscription, effective user analytics, email marketing, and all other newsletter related task for both personal and business situation.

This is highly customizable which ensures quality experience both for administrator and email subscribers. This plugin also provides a no of good pre-made theme which can be easily integrated into the post, page, registration form, contact forms and all possible area on the blog site.

This plugin has some unique features. Autoresponders and sending post as newsletter are mentionable here. You can get more details information from the official site.

2. Newsletter

Newsletter plugin
Add a real newsletter system to your blog. For free. With unlimited newsletters and subscribers.

The newsletter is one of the best and top rated WordPress subscribing plugin out there. This plugin help to make an email list, send regular publication, track them, and overall provide good easy to use analytical statistics. It provides easy integration with all sort of forms, i.e widget, custom contact forms, registration and so on. It offers single and double opt-in privacy check box. Moreover, it provides a variety of customizable theme and all of it is fully responsible. To know more about this plugin, follow the below link.

3. MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp for WordPress
MailChimp for WordPress, the absolute best. Subscribe your WordPress site visitors to your MailChimp lists, with ease.

MailChimp is one of the best emails subscriber services out there. This service is suitable for both personal and commercial uses. So if you want to use MailChimp as your default email subscriber, you have to collect email addresses from your blog site by using MailChimp Plugin for WordPress. This plugin is very easy to use, and it can be easily integrated into the post, page and sidebar widget area.

4. MailPoet Newsletters

MailPoet Newsletters
Send newsletters to post notifications or autoresponders from WordPress easily, and beautifully.

MailPoet newsletter is one of the top rated and downloaded plugin. This plugin does not support any third party email subscription services. All the tasks, related to email sign-up and newsletter, are done inside the WordPress dashboard. So sometimes, it may give pressure on your server resources, while sending a newsletter to a huge email list. This plugin is all in one solution for your email subscribers and newsletters. It offers all sort of features, which is required to handle an effective email list and publication regularly.

5. Nifty Newsletters (Formerly Sola Newsletters)

Nifty Newsletters (Formerly Sola Newsletters)
Create and send newsletters, automatic post notifications, and autoresponders

Nifty Newsletter is a featured pack plugin, which offers all the modern facility to handle email sign-up, widget bar signing form, easy integration with comments and registration process. This provides an inbuilt dashboard interface, where you can see all the email subscribers, user analytics and click through rate. The newsletter editor offers drag-drops facility to design a unique and beautiful newsletter template without any coding knowledge.

6. Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Email Subscribers & Newsletters
Add subscription forms on website, send HTML newsletters & automatically notify subscribers

More Than 60000+ users are using this plugin with full satisfaction into their WordPress blog. This plugin lets the user subscribe by using the email address from the frontend. It offers various integration process i.e sign-up form into post and page by using shortcode, sidebar widget sign-up form, theme integration by using simple PHP code, and so on. It can send the published post directly subscriber’s inbox. The administrator can make unique newsletter theme by easy to use HTML editor inside the WordPress.

7. SendPress Newsletters

SendPress Newsletters
A Newsletter Plugin for WordPress to create, send, manage and track your Newsletters in one place.

By using this plugin, you can send scheduled newsletter to the subscribers. You can also make own newsletter theme by easy to use HTML editor. Basically, this plugin provides an easy interface to understand in-depth user analytics, click through rate, conversion rate and overall a coding-free environment. You can enjoy a responsive design with an unlimited subscription.

8. ALO EasyMail Newsletter

ALO EasyMail Newsletter
To send newsletters. Features: collect subscribers on registration or with an ajax widget, mailing lists.

This is one of the best all in one newsletter plugin, which helps to manage and collect email subscription, to write and send newsletter regularly hassle free, and overall easy integration on the blog site.

9. WP Subscribe

WP Subscribe
WP Subscribe is a simple but powerful subscription plugin which supports MailChimp, Aweber and Feedburner.

It is always important to make a reliable email list for the blog. These readers are much more important than the outside traffic. So to make an effective email list, WP subscribe can play a vital role to collect and manage. Earlier time, this plugin was a premium one, but now the developer gives it as a free one. The clean code, responsive design and faster loading make this plugin outstanding and a quality one.

10. Subscriber Content Lock for WordPress


Subscriber Content Lock for WordPress makes it very simple to create a subscription based content system on your site that requires users to subscribe to an email list, newsletter etc. before viewing content. Subscriber Content Lock not only handles user / email verification, it also has a list manager that can export your verified subscribers to any popular mail service, in multiple formats.


Here I have listed the 10 best WordPress Newsletter Plugins, and definitely, it will save your time, and help you to choose the right one for your blog site.

Did you like this list? Which Plugin do you use in your blog site to collect the email subscribers? Feel free to share your experiences and suggestions with us in the comment section.

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