Some hidden or lesser-known features of Android device

Android featuresYour Android smartphone is loaded with lots of useful tools and excellent features some of which are not found in any other smartphone. However, not all of these are used, either for lack of time to explore, or the configuration tools are buried deeply in handset. And to become an Android Power User, you have to be familiar with every single menu, toggles and other utilities of your device.

Most of the smartphone users own and enjoy Android, but often they couldn’t use all the features mostly for the lack of time to dig in. More of these are included in this article for you to become Android Power User.

Use Android Device Manager for remote security

Use Android Device Manager for remote security

Googleframework services manage all back-end services and send updated notifications frequently in the background. This functionality includes account syncs, Android device manager and malware scanning. Android device manager allows users to ring, track, wipe or lock your device if they lose track of it.

In default settings, one can only ring and locate a device option under Android Device Manager. To use all features,

  • Go into your system settings>> Scroll down to Security.
  • Search for the Device Administrators option and launch. Check which app is working as admin account for your device.
  • Check the box next to Android Device Manager; it will allow you to wipe and lock the device along with the ring and track features.

Android Device Manager

Screen Recording

The users of Android Lollipop can use this feature. This screen recording feature works like an MP4 video file and records what is happening on your screen for that time. You can download any app from Google PlayStore and use this tool. You have to accept the pop-up request asking for your permission to capture screen while using such apps.

As you accept the permission, you can see an icon in the status bar. You can find whether recording is ON or not through this. It will record all the native screen resolution of your tablet.

Use Smart Lock

Security is the most important feature of any device. But it is not possible to use special lock patterns and PIN. Users of Android 5.0 can use its Smart Lock feature. This feature provides easy swipe lock screen only when it’s safe to unlock the phone.

Use Smart Lock

Control and monitor data usage for better protection

Most of the Android devices provide facility to limit the usage of data. But very few people know that you can even control the data usage. All Android devices have a built-in tool that controls the data usage. You can see the ‘Data Usage’ option near the top of your system settings list, or go to the quick settings. Here, it can be accessed through the network signal strength icon. Use sliders on the usage chart and set the data limits according to your billing cycle.

Control and monitor data usage for better protection

By default, it will send alert when you use your available data limit. Also, you can set it to send warning message if few megabytes are left from your data limit. To enable a data limit, you can check the checkbox right above the chart.

Wi-Fi Direct for quick file transfers

If you want to transfer files between devices, using Wi-Fi is a direct option. It is a protocol that creates direct connection between two devices through Wi-Fi. To use this feature, you need additional supportive app such as SuperBeam.

To start file transfer, share the files through Super Beam and tap the phone. You can queue up multiple files and transfer them through Wi-Fi direct option. You cannot send more than 30 MBPS. This app is ideal for sharing videos and photos.

share the files through Super Beam

Use Owner Info to make reclaiming a lost device easier

Android users can reclaim a lost device by using Owner Info feature. This feature is available in the Security section under System Settings.

Samsung users can go toPersonal >> Lock screen and security.

Here you can add any contact info, (It is better to provide alternative email address and phone number).

Save the settings and you are done.

Now your owner info details will display on the lock screen.

After enabling these details, you will be eligible to claim for your lost device.

claim for your lost device

Recognize tethered phones as hotspots

Android devices support for native tethering devices.  By using this feature, users can use tethered data without paying extra bucks or losing mobile data. Any mobile user cannot detect if any Android device is connected with their tethered hotspot and using their data.

If you enable your hotspot to auto update your apps and backup files, and then you can be a victim of such actions. To avoid such situation-

Go to the Data Usage menu >> choose the‘Overflow’ menu button and select ‘Network restrictions’.

Now list of all synced Wi-Fi networks will appear on the screen.

You can flip the toggle button, next to the hotspots options and disable sharing data with connected devices.

flip the toggle button

Priority Notifications

If you are using Android 5.0 Lollipop, then you can change the notification system. By using Priority Notification system, you can hide the notification content from the lock screen and control the notification of the bothering apps, but its set up is very complicated.

The Notifications modes are split into three parts in Android Lollipop such as All, Priority, and None.

If you select none, you won’t get any notification not even alarms.

If you choose Priority, then you can select the important apps that’s notifications are important for you.

If select all, then you will get notify for each apps.

notify for each apps

To change the notification setting, go to the Sound and Notification settings and edit the apps to add in priority status. By using this feature, you can block the calls or text messages from certain numbers.

Extend (or shorten) lock timeout

There are lots of security settings available for locking the device such as you can select password, PIN number, pattern lock or select esoteric face unlock option. By using lock feature, you can prevent your device from nasty characters, if your mobile has lost.

Go to the security menu >> go to the “Automatically Lock” option.

Automatically Lock option

In This option you can see the screen security set-up. From here, you can set the time for your screen shuts down.

You can become power Android users by using these lesser known features of Android devices.

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