jQuery 3.0 Released

jQuery drops IE6-8 dead code and moves on

jQuery 3.0 ReleasedThe jQuery Foundation released yesterday version 3.0 of the jQuery JavaScript framework, the first version that features absolutely no workarounds for old Internet Explorer browsers.

jQuery 3.0 has been in the works since October 2014, and was initially created to complete version 2.0, and it’s mission to distant itself from the old 1.0 codebase, bloated because of all the IE workarounds.

Version 2.0 was completely incompatible with version 1.0, and version 3.0 will continue on the path set by version 2.0. The jQuery Foundation says there are little breaking changes in 3.0, and that users should be able to migrate their code without too much work.

Users that no longer have to support old IE browsers in their projects can always use the jQuery Migrate project to move their code to the newer 2.0 and 3.0 branches. If customers are still asking you to work with IE6, IE7, and IE8, then you should stick with jQuery 1.0 for the foreseeable future.

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