Best Tools for Designers To Create Infographics

effective-infographicsAn Infographics is a popular type of graphic art which is used for turning information in to visual data. It has been proved that instead of text, human beings are more capable to grasp information when it is presented in the form of appealing and relevant visual images.

Infographics not only cater to information but also to artistic sensibilities. Human emotions and feelings can be portrayed more easily through Infographics. As a result, they are used in a variety of contexts, such as humor, emotion, social awareness and so on.

There are different types of Infographics, such as flowchart, timeline, versus Infographics, data visuals and more.

With the advent of advanced designing tools, the process of creating Infographics has become more exciting. Here I am presenting a list of useful online tools that will help you to ease your designing process to a great extent. Though they cannot be replaced with Adobe Photoshop, they can surely help you to craft basic Infographics easily. So, here is the list of 12 Online Tools for Creating Fascinating Infographics. Read On.

1. Piktochart


Piktochart is a popular website that lets you design professional Infographics for free. Its repository contains an impressive collection of images, templates, icons and graphics. Piktochart offers various options to share or publish your Infographics online, including Slideshare and Evernote.

2. Venngage


Venngage lets you design a variety of infographics, which you can integrate in to a business presentation, marketing material or an educational project. Additionally, it offers online collaboration and sharing services as well as a range of maps, charts, icons and templates.


Infogr lets you create Infographics for your learning, business and marketing solutions. You can choose from over 30 different chart types and upload your own videos/images. You can embed your Infographics in blogs/websites and share privately/publicly online.



If you want to create an Infographics that will never go unnoticed then try The tool offers a diversified collection of icons, symbols, characters and other objects. These are based on relevant themes classified under categories, such as education, e-commerce, music, nature, science and so on.


Visualize is a popular Infographics resume making tool that lets you turn your mundane-looking resume in to an interactive one. You can add experience timeline, treemaps and statistical pictograms in to your resume to showcase your professional work experience and achievements in an engaging manner.

6. iCharts


iCharts is a tool to present complex information through simple charts. The tool is used to demonstrate health indexes, trend practices, sales report, financial analysis report and more. iCharts offers various features, such as cloud services, real-time data access and information comparison.

7. Dipity


Dipity is a timeline website that organizes web content through time and date. With Dipity, you can generate a multimedia timeline Infographics for your blog or website using images, videos, audio, timestamps and more.

8. StatSilk


StatSilk is a powerful tool that transforms data on your spreadsheet in to interactive charts, maps, time series, scatter plots, bar charts and graphs.  It offers unique features, such as zooming in to map areas, switching between different data sets and more.

9. Tagxedo


Tagxedo is a tool that creates a word cloud for the text that you provide. You can also customize it with different font types, shapes, layouts and color combinations.

10. Creately


Infographics highly contribute to the learning solutions sector. Creately offers an online tool to create a variety of diagrams, such as sequence diagram, database diagram, mind map, flow chart, network diagrams and more. It offers a collection of diagram templates, shape sets, real-time collaboration and more.

11. Visually


Visually is an online platform to create and share Infographics, presentations and more. It boosts of a thriving community of professional designers and animators. Using its real-time collaboration tools, you can work on creative projects with multiple designers, share and market your work, reach out to clients, draw inspiration and do much more.

12. ChartsBin


ChartsBin is an important data visualization tool to convey useful information by creating interactive maps. The maps can be embedded in to social media profiles, websites and blogs.

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