7 Powerful Magento SEO Tips for Your eCommerce Site

Magento SEO tipsSince Magento launched in 2008, It has developed from a niche e-commerce platform into an incredibly prominent content management system. With moreover 200,000 online stores have employed Magento.

Therefore, selecting it for your e-commerce venture is an incredible choice.

As well as being simple to modify visually, Magento is incredibly simple to set up for Optimum site improvement. In this guide, you’ll learn 7 Magento SEO tips to help you produce as much search traffic as possible for your online store.

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Image alt tags (Image labels)

Images with descriptive alt content are essential for ranking. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo can’t read images, but do understand and provide weight to alt tags connected with pictures. The Image labels should contain relevant text.

To label product information, Magento implementation would be helpful, as Alt Tag is considered as product names. Therefore, content block images are in your court, helps in the proper labeling.

Implement Relevant Meta Data

Meta Titles (Title tags)

Meta Titles are the most important of the key components for optimization strategy. There are a couple of the fundamental rules that should be followed when writing them:

  • They should have more than 55 – 60 characters as search engines don’t display title with more characters
  • All pages should have unique titles that are relevant to the subject of the content.
  • The title should open with the most critical phrase for that individual page. The sentence is unique and also contains the phrases for this page.

Meta Description

All organic searches would give priority to Meta descriptions, as Google’s attitude towards search would be the most priority and would be based on product or service description.

Checkout the following criteria to generate unique meta descriptions.

  • Maximum word count for Meta description would be 160 characters.
  • It should be written in a manner to satisfy your targeted user’s intend and help you attract more visitors towards your website.
  • Any keywords that are deemed to be core to this page should seem to close the start of the label; this should provide them more weight in the ranking of the page.

Rewrite Product Content

With the help of market research, one will get the glimpse of current trends and incorporate plenty of product catalogs with consideration of buyer’s affection in mind. However, purchasing behavior of the city dwellers would not be relying only on viewing such catalogs.

Considering the current trend for product search in search engine, one must need to update the product names and descriptions, which would enable your product to be listed on the search page. On the other hand, such goods without nomenclature could decline the audience attention, and it would result in the sales decline.

Therefore, it is always advisable to have SEO friendly product, which contains supportive name and description, which can enhance the product rank in search engines.

Produce Sitemap XML

To crawl any website in search engine, an XML sitemap is an essential requirement. However, it would not be important for SEO; it is a must for search engines to find all of the internal pages without one.

Implementing the same on the Magento store is quick and tranquil. Here how you can implement it.

In the Top Menu, explore to Catalog and select Google Sitemap. From here, you can characterize the pages you’d like to incorporate into your sitemap and consequently create it utilizing Magento.

Google and other search engines require attention to locating it quickly, once we have created a sitemap.

Link your sitemap in your robots.txt document utilizing the “Sitemap:” directive, or inform Google about your sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools.

Why to add Unique Content?

High-quality content is essential nowadays, as search engines would tend to display the website with most relevant content in the SERPs that fulfills user’s need. It would enable more traffic to Magento store.

Rather than concentrating only on content and uploading it, it is critical to developing your online reputation by expressing about your services on the most recent topics, media, news or anything, which specifically brings short bursts of traffic to your Magento store.

Why is Robots.txt file required?

For security and SEO enhancement, it is desirable to have robots.txt for your Magento store.
Robots.txt is a text file and it is used to block the indexing unnecessary pages from search engine crawlers such as Google Bot and Bing Bot. In Magento community version, there isn’t robots.txt.

Therefore, it is advisable to create one for yourself.

Not only it would avert the copy content issues but also help to hide specialized data, such as Errors logs, Reports, Core files, SVN files and so on, from unexpected indexing.


If you own an eCommerce store, which is not performing well on SERPs, than above tactics would leverage you. Additionally, it will help you develop a fruitful Magento store. Hire aprofessional SEO company that will be available to the clients who are starting their store with limiting knowledge of optimizing eCommerce store.

We welcome any other SEO strategies and love to share it.

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