5 Best Conditional Logic Form WordPress Plugins

Conditional Logic Form Plugins for WordPressThere are plenty of wordpress plugins available to create contact form in wordpress, these simple form processing plugins can manage simple input but what if you want to create a sophisticated form with conditional logic?

Conditional logic form or conditional fields form is nothing but the form with conditional fields. Conditional form allows us to show or hide the form fields conditionally. Assume you have created a drop down list of countries, conditional form shows the list of the states of the selected country in another drop down box.

There are only few conditional form plugins available. Here we have listed the free conditional logic form plugins for wordpress to create conditional fields form.

Caldera Forms

caldera forms

Caldera forms is a bootstrap based responsive form builder plugin for wordpress with drag and drop feature. Caldera forms supports advanced conditionals fields making it easier to create complex conditional forms.

Along with conditional fields Caldera Forms features auto responder, ajax and file uploads.

Live Forms

live forms

Live forms is a free form creating plugin for wordpress that comes with bunch of features. It is possible to create from a simplest form to the most sophisticated form with Live forms. Live form includes drag and drop feature, validation, spam protection and email designer along with conditionals fields feature.

Live form also supports payment gateways, to be named few are paypal, 2checkout and payza etc.

Breezing Forms

Breezing Forms

Breezing Forms is another good responsive form builder plugin for wordpress that comes with conditional logic feature. Along with this the plugin features multi step and multi page forms, ajax file uploads and file attachments etc. This plugin is available both in free and paid versions.



NEX-Forms is a good form creator plugin for wordpress which is capable to handle conditional logic fields. This responsive plugin features drag and drop, ajax, anti-spam functionality and icons.

Formidable Forms


Formidable Forms is a drag and drop form making plugin for wordpress which supports conditional logic. This plugin also comes in paid version for advanced taks.

There are some paid plugins available for wordpress which supports conditional fields namely Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms.

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