40 Best CSS jQuery Charts and Graphs Scripts and Tutorials

Learn how to create simple, clean and engaging HTML5 based, CSS jQuery charts.

CSS jQuery charts and graphs scripts and tutorialsBy analyzing, using and following the tutorials and scripts in the list below, you will learn how to create meaningful charts from any data, in a way that provides the appropriate amount of details while still keeping an eye on the big picture and making the information appear in a user-friendly way.

There are many jQuery charts plugins available that can help you  create interactive data visualisations.

In this list ,you will find some of them, plus a bunch of awesome CSS jQuery charts and graphs scripts.

By using these CSS jQuery charts and graphs scripts and tutorials, plus some great and useful plugins, you won’t waste time and effort and you’ll be able to create data visualizations quickly and beautifully.

CSS3 Pie Chart


Learn how to make this CSS3 pie chart, with multiple colors. Codes are provided.

Customisable Animated Donut Chart


Create a clean and minimalist, fully customizable and animated donut chart, by following the codes provided by this web developer.

Circle Bar Chart


This is a nice, circle bar chart with a gradient effect. Learn how to make it yourself, by analyzing this web developer’s codes.

Dash Board Chart


Get the HTML, CSS and JS codes for this dashboard chart with a beautiful design.

SVG Pie chart with tooltip and mouse effects


Make this SVG Pie chart with tooltip and mouse effects yourself, for your own projects, by using these codes.

Cloud storage UI


This is a complex cloud storage user interface, with a menu containing Files, Photos, Music and Links tabs, plus some beautiful CSS jQuery charts and graphs.

CSS 3D Animated Chart


This is a unique-looking 3D CSS animated charts with beautiful effects. You can get the codes for free!

Responsive CSS Bar Graph


This is an easy to make, responsive CSS bar graph with multiple colors. Learn how to make it and fully customize it to your needs.

SVG Doughnut chart with animation and tooltip


This is a simple SVG Doughnut chart with animation and tooltip. Codes are provided.

Radar Chart jQuery Plugin


This is a basic, radar chart jQuery plugin with subtle animations. Get it for free.

Animated bar chart


Learn how to create a bar chart and animate it using CSS and jQuery!

D3 Line Chart Plotting Shot Attempts


Create this beautiful and simple chart and learn how to code it yourself.

Bar Chart with JS


This is a simple blue and green bar chart made with JS, HTML and CSS. Learn how to make it yourself.

Bullet Chart Example


If you want to create a bullet chart, get the codes from this link. It was made entirely with HTML and CSS.

D3.js bar chart with transitions


This is a D3.js bar chart with transitions made with HTML, CSS and some jQuery as well. You can get the codes and customize it for your own projects.

Canvas pie chart with CSS bar chart fallback


This is a canvas pie chart with CSS bar chart fallback. It is nicely animated and you can get the codes to customize it for your needs.

Multiple Chart Example


Learn how to make simple charts with this cool code provided by this web developer.

Animated chart with jQuery


This is a simple animated chart made with jQuery, HTML and CSS. Get the codes and learn how to make it yourself.

Create an Interactive Graph using CSS3 & jQuery


In this tutorial, you will code an Interactive Graph using jQuery and CSS3. You will use the jQuery’s popular plotting plugin “Flot” – a pure JavaScript plotting library for jQuery.

Canvas PieChart


Create a simple, but effective and nicely animated canvas pie chart. Get the codes and learn how to make it yourself.

CSS Vertical Chart


This is a CSS vertical chart with a nice 3D effect (shadows, shapes and all the details). Get the codes.

How to ChartJS


Radar charts, or doughnut charts, learn how to make them yourself!

Adjustable Pie Chart


Create an adjustable pie chart by following and analyzing these useful codes.

Basic Range Chart Example


This is a basic range chart example with a really beautiful animated effect added to it.

Grouped Bar Example


Teach yourself how to make this grouped bars chart, by analyzing this example.

Make Google Charts Responsive


Learn how to make Google Charts responsive, with this great code tutorial.

Slopegraph Example


This is a slopegraph example. Learn how to make it yourself by using these codes.

Multiple Line Example


If you want to create a multiple line graph, then you should take a look at this code before starting anything.

Basic Dotplot Example


This type of chart is perfect for statistics. Learn how to make it yourself.

Line Chart with Chart.js


Learn how to create this simple and modern line chart with Chart.js.

JS Pie Chart V2


This is another JS pie chart, with an improved code.

CSS3 Line With Data Labels Example


This is a simple line chart with data labels, perfect for statistics. Learn how to code it yourself.

Triple Doughnut Chart


Create this brilliant triple doughnut chart with multiple colors, using HTML, CSS and some JS as well.

3D Animation Chart Bar


Create awesome statistics charts and graphs, by lerning how to make this 3D animation chart bar.

Basic Boxplot Example


Like the dotblot example above, this code tutorial will show you how to create its partner, the boxplot chart.

HTML 5 Canvas Polar Clock


Create a simple HTML 5 canvas polar clock, with subtle animations, by checking out this code.

Country Bar Chart 3D


This is a pretty basic country bar chart made in 3D, using HTML, CSS and some JS.

Playing with Google Charts


Learn how to play with Google charts and create awesome CSS jQuery charts yourself.

jQuery Donut Chart Widget


Create awesome jQuery donut charts widgets with this cool coded tutorial.

Animated 3D Bar charts


Create semi-transparent animated 3D bar charts by following the codes provided here.

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