40+ Beginners Photoshop Tutorials

We are always in search of great Photoshop tutorials from around the web.

Photoshop tutorialsLove it or hate it, Photoshop continues to be the design software of choice for millions designers across the globe for a wide range of tasks, including photo editing, graphic design, typography, illustration, 3D modelling and animation.

We round up the very best Photoshop tutorials from around the web covering all these areas and more, whether you’re rocking Photoshop CC or using an older version of the software.

There really is nothing better than rolling up your sleeves and delving into a new Photoshop tutorial and learning something new. Enjoy!

01. Create a kaleidoscope effect in Photoshop

Amber Grayson reveals how to combine handmade and digital elements to create a kaleidoscope effect in Photoshop.

02. How to customise animated GIFs in Photoshop

photoshop tutorials
Alter any animated GIF to fit the style of your latest project

Animated GIFs are a great way to make your designs more eye-catching. With Photoshop, you can customize any animated GIF to fit the style of your project.

03. How to reduce camera shake in Photoshop CC

As a photographer, it’s inevitable that you will wind up with the occasional blurry image. Fortunately, in Photoshop CC Adobe has a special ‘Camera Shake Reduction’ filter to help you repair these images.

04. Turn day into night in Photoshop

Turning this daytime scene into night was inspired by the superb effects work in Lars von Trier’s film Melancholia. Shooting landscapes at night can present all sorts of challenges – and even more so if you were shooting a moving image and couldn’t use long exposures.

05. How to use Photoshop’s Image Sizing tool

We explain how to get the best out of the new, improved Image Sizing tool in Photoshop CC.

06. The Burn Tool

Photoshop tutorials
Learn how to use the Burn tool in this video tutorial

One of our own Photoshop tutorials, hosted on the Creative Bloq YouTube channel, introduces the Burn tool. In the easy-to-follow video, discover how to selectively darken areas of an image, with an overview of settings and tips on working with Shadows, Midtones and Highlights.

07. Color Replacement Tool

Photoshop tutorials
Learn how to replace colours with this handy tool

Another of our YouTube Photoshop tutorials, this short video introduces the Color Replacement Tool, which lets you paint roughly over an area of an image. Discover how to replace colours based on Hue, Saturation, Colour and Luminosity.

08. Content-Aware Move Tool

Photoshop tutorials
This cool tool tells you heal unwanted portions of your photo

This Photoshop tutorial introduces the Content-Aware Move Tool. In the easy-to-follow video, we reveal how Photoshop can analyse pixels and heal unwanted portions within an image.

09. Custom Shape Tool

Photoshop tutorials
Discover the Custom Shape tool in this video tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial introduces the Custom Shape Tool. Choose from a large selection of different shapes and learn how to use various settings such as Fill, Stroke and more.

10. Dodge Tool

Photoshop tutorials
Learn how to lighten select areas of an image with the Dodge tool

This Photoshop tutorial introduces the Dodge tool. You’ll learn how to selectively lighten areas of an image. Learn about brush options, Range, and Exposure. Brighten eyes, pick out details, and much more!

11. Master Photoshop CS6’s Crop tool step-by-step

This Photoshop tutorial is a fantastic way to get to grips with the crop tool. It’s set out in a step-by-step fashion to help make the process of mastering it even easier.

12. The Blur Gallery

Photoshop tutorials: Blur Gallery
Find out how to use the Blur Gallery, which allows for photo-realistic depth

One of the most popular features in Photoshop has been the Blur Gallery – three brand new filters that allows for photo-realistic depth. Discover how you can use them in your work in this Photoshop tutorial.

13. Iris Blur in Photoshop CS6

Iris blur is basically the opposite of field blur, in which you can blur everything apart from where your pin is placed. Learn the ropes with this simple step-by-step Photoshop tutorial.

14. Add a bokeh effect to your images

Create out-of-focus highlights from scratch with a little help from Photoshop CS6’s new time-saving shortcuts, in this easy to follow, four-step tutorial.

15. Turn photos into simple caricatures

Master Photoshop’s Free Transform tool and use it to warp portraits of your subjects into comical caricatures!

16. Get the toy camera look

Get the toy camera look with Photoshop.

17. Recreate a fish-eye effect

Give images the super-distorted fish-eye treatment, then crop and add text to get the look of an iconic album cover.

18. Apply a quick vintage look in Photoshop

Use Photoshop CS6’s Color Lookup feature to change colours within an image, in four simple steps.

19. How to add frames to photos using Photoshop and Lightroom

Using a combination of Photoshop and Lightroom, here you’ll discover a few ways to add frames and borders around your photos. The workflow includes using tools such as Photoshop blend modes, custom brushes and layer styles.

20. Create an oil painting effect using Photoshop CS6

If you’ve managed to get your hands on a copy of the latest Adobe Photoshop CS6, then take a look at this tutorial. Here, you’ll learn the ropes of the latest features, including the ‘oil paint’ option.

21. Digital Painting in Photoshop CS6

You’ll already need to have an understanding of Photoshop to follow this tutorial. Here, you’ll learn how to use your tablet for painting and drawing, as well as how to set up your brushes.

22. Use the new Timeline in Photoshop CS6 to create an animated GIF

The new timeline feature in Photoshop CS6 will allow you to open, edit, and export videos without ever having to leave the application. See how you can create an awesome animated GIF using this handy new tool.

23. Create tilt shift photography

photoshop tutorials
Recreate a tilt-shift effect using Photoshop

Tilt-shift photography refers to the use of camera movements on small and medium format cameras. The guys at animhut show you how to re-create this effect using Photoshop CS6.

24. Add dramatic rain to a photo in Photoshop

Tony Aube demonstrates how to add a dramatic rain effect to a photo in Photoshop, then goes a step further and shows how to make the image more photorealistic by adding reflections and small puddles.

25. How to make a pure white background in Photoshop

In this easy-to-follow tutorial, the team at Phlearn show you how to create a perfect white backdrop without losing too much detail in your images.

26. Colourise a black and white photo

Designer Ben Secret show how to take control of your image colouring with Photoshop’s Color Balance tool.

Photoshop tutorials
Take control of your image colouring with this tutorial from Ben Secret

27. Working with video in Photoshop

While Photoshop is best known as a photo editor, it also includes some powerful video editing tools. In this short, simple tutorial, learn how to use the timeline panel to apply smart filters and adjustment layers to your videos.

28. Remove skin blemishes with the Spot Healing brush

photoshop tutorials
Learn how to repair lips with the Spot Healing brush

Everyone wants to look their best and in this tutorial you’ll be able to do just that! You’ll learn how to remove any skin blemishes, acne or any other problems to create the perfect image.

29. Quickly select skin tones in Photoshop CS6

If you want to know about the Skin Aware technology in CS6 then this is the tutorial for you. Learn how to quickly select skin tones and get to grips with this awesome new feature.

30. How to change eye colour in Photoshop CS6

Check out this quick two-minute tutorial, which will show you how to change a subject’s eye colour.

31. Adobe Photoshop CS6 – taking care of fly-away hairs

This super time saving tutorial will teach you how to get rid of stray and fly-away hairs using the dust and scratches filters.

32. How to change hair colour in Photoshop CS6

Here, you’ll discover how to use the new tools of Photoshop CS6 to change any hair colour. From blonde to red and brown to green, the choices are endless!

33. Get golden with shiny skin

Turn any normal photo into a golden one with this skin effect

In this simple but useful Photoshop tutorial, you’ll discover how to turn any normal photo into a golden one with a glowing skin effect. Goldfinger eat your heart out!

34. Create a repeating pattern in Photoshop

Here we’ll show you how to create a single ’tile’ for a repeating pattern for the stripes; then you can fill as big or as small an area as you like with it…

35. Create an easy abstract blur pattern design

Sppon Graphics demonstrates how to make a cool geometric gradient pattern using Photoshop and a bit of Illustrator.

36. Create a fast and simple Instagram effect

Don’t have a smartphone but long to create those vintage Instagram effects on your photos? This simple and quick tutorial will show what effects to add to accomplish an easy ‘Instagram look’.

37. Use Photoshop Actions to apply multiple effects

We show you how to record a series of edits as an Action that can be quickly applied to images, as we create a cool retro effect in Photoshop CS6.

38. How to add a colour splash effect in Photoshop CS6

Want to mix black and white imagery with a bit of colour? This three-minute tutorial will show you exactly how to isolate a specific colour in your photos.

39. Create a Dark Knight Rises style wallpaper in CS6

The third movie in director Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise was a cracker – you can pay homage to it with this Dark Knight Rises style wallpaper tutorial.

40. Rapid site prototyping in Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC offers a comprehensive toolset for mocking up websites quickly and easily. Antony Kitson explains how to use the key features to get an idea across to a client or developer.

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