30 Most Powerful PHP Frameworks

PHP frameworksPHP frameworks are designed to simplify complex coding concerns of PHP developers. It is a globally accepted programming language helping developers to create exclusive web applications in a short time.

By  making use of PHP frameworks, developers will be able to cut down a lot on the development time by avoiding the need to start coding from scratch. Without a properly signified PHP framework, it is difficult to manage the codes.

PHP operates on the fundamentals of MVC (Model View Controller), which is an architecture pattern available in programming languages creating a bridge between domain logic and user interface. The task of Domain Logic is to deal with the ability to manage an exchange of information between database and user interface. This makes the entire process easier and is logically presented.

Here’s a list of top 30 PHP frameworks to watch out in 2015.


Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel has expressive and neat language rules, which makes web applications stand out from the rest. The Laravel MVC was created for having a free, open sourced PHP web application framework. Adding to the popularity of this framework are certain features like strong building tools, big stout applications, with a special inversion control container, communicative migration structure, and closely incorporated unit testing maintenance program.



Symfony PHP Framework

Being a highly popular PHP framework among the expert developers, Symfony is utilized to develop excellent websites and applications with the assistance of various professional & creative. It is powerful and helps reducing the problem of repetitive coding structure. Also, it guarantees a stable platform that makes it one of the highly sought PHP framework around the world.



CodeIgnitor PHP Framework

Considered agile, CodeIgniter is an open source PHP framework that has managed to gain recognition for its classic performance. In fact, it has the ability to support next generation of application development that requires simplified coding. This means, there will not be any restrictions over the coding process and no complex configuration would be required to make it run. In a nutshell, the brilliance of CodeIgniter lies in providing simplified solutions to the complex coding problems needed to create web applications.


Yii Framework

Yii PHP Framework

Yii Framework is a quick, secure and expert PHP Framework that provides influential caching assistance and is overtly created to operate competently with AJAX. Undoubtedly, Yii Framework’s swift development solutions make it really easy for a developer to create applications in a short time. Excellently developed with quality documentation in a short span of time, the applications developed using Yii  gives awesome user experience and features.


Cake PHP

Cake-PHP Framework

Certainly, falling in the category of powerful PHP frameworks, Cake PHP 3.0 is one of the most important PHP framework relied by developers. It has been upgraded with improvised session management, ORM based enhancements and a lot more over the years. The framework also offers choices to create standalone libraries with endless support of increased modularity.



Phalcon PHP Framework

Considered as the full-stack framework, this PHP structure is written by making use of C & C++ language. These languages add to the performance factor of Phalcon. Due to its innovative features, Phalcon quickly became one of the most popular framework to build web applications.


Zend Framework 2

Zend PHP Framework

Zend is yet other outstanding PHP framework. Tt is exceptionally innovative, secure, and offers a flexible framework that coders require to build web applications. Over the years, Zend Framework 1 and 2 have been used in major enterprise projects. As an open-source framework, this framework process calls for using the object-based code for web applications development. When combined with strong standard library mechanism, Zend offers towering performance with MVC implementation, proving to be an influential & flexible framework.



Aura PHP Framework

It is a compilation of higher quality, completely checked, individual libraries, which can be competently utilized in any type of coding structure. Each kind of library is self enclosed and do not rely on any further package. It is specially meant for those, who believe in clean coding, completely decoupled libraries and self-governing packages. It also offers trivial, thoroughly tested and standard structure.


Fuel PHP

Fuel-PHP Framework

Fuel is an easy, agile, community driven PHP 5.3+ framework, which relies on the finest ideas of other structures. It is presently bringing out version 2 of the project, existing in beta stage.
Popular as presentation model, Fuel PHP is laced with the additional features present between the controllers. Fuel PHP is a potent, proficient and helpful PHP framework that assists in making incredible websites.




PHP developers looking for a simplified PHP framework opt for PHPixie because it is operational on the platform of MVC pattern, helping developers design applications in a short span of time. It is uncomplicated to study and perform flawlessly to create superior web applications. Moreover, it offers a strong foundation for development. Requiring lesser configuration & being easy to use, this is going to be more & more popular in coming days.



Kohana PHP Framework

Kohana is a stylish PHP framework with a loaded set of features to create web applications. It helps in building web applications rapidly due to numerous universal components integrated, as translation tools, code profiling, database access, encryption, validation, and many more. It also has superior debugging and profiling tools assisting to resolve any problems. Kohana is developed to be a very swift PHP framework, highly optimized for real world handling.



Slim PHP Framework

Created as a lightweight framework, Slim is a micro-framework that allows quickly creating easy and powerful web applications as well as APIs. It has a reliable router, template depiction with bespoke views, HTTP caching, flash messages, protected cookies with AES-256 encryption, logging with custom log writers, error treatment and debugging and uncomplicated configuration.



Flight PHP Framework

Flight is a widespread micro structure meant for PHP developers and is known as a speedy, easy & flexible framework. The best part of Flight is that it allows developers to promptly and easily build heavy web applications. It requires PHP 5.3+.



Medoo PHP Framework

Medoo is the lightest & an easily manageable PHP framework used to hasten web development process. It occuppies just 13kb space in a single file. It is tremendously simple to learn and implement, compatible with a variety of SQL databases such as MySQL, SQLite, MSSQL, Maria DB, Oracle, Postgre SQL, Sybase and more. The framework is offered free under the license of MIT. In this technology oriented world, Medoo is a relief for those developers, who do not want to get entangled in managing complicated coding requirements.



POP-PHP Framework

The POP PHP framework design is vigorous; but, simple to use with an efficient API. It calls for PHP 5.3+ and manages to maintain its minimalism and lightweight nature. Though numerous novel features have been added, it can still be used purely  as a toolbox, or as a foundation of your applications.


Simple MVC

Simple MVC Framework

Simple MVC framework is be enormously easy to install, have simplified coding structure and uncomplicated to learn. In fact, the setup can take place by ideating the site path. It includes trouble-free theme files, as well as complete control over views; even, themes can be utilized to promptly change the appeal of the application or a website. Generally, MySQL is offered by making use of a PDO helper that can be bartered to MySQLI, Medoo or any other database engine. This makes such a framework demanding because of the simplified approach adopted.



Nette PHP Framework

Nette is a powerful helping developers create better websites. Nette makes use of radical technology that abolishes security holes and their mishandling like in XSS, session hijacking, and session fixation. It features strong debug tools, which help in discovering bugs in a meticulous fashion.



Fat Free Framework

Being a powerful and simple to use micro-framework, Fat-Free have been created by Bong Cosca in 2009.  Indeed, it is one of the lightweight structure taking lesser than 50KB space file. This framework was created almost completely in PHP with features like URL router, support of multi-lingual application and cache engine. There are many  plug-ins available for extensive database back-end operations such as MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Sybase, MongoDB, DB2, CouchDB, and Flat File.


PHP Mini

PHP Mini Framework

PHP Mini is a heavy PHP structure ideal for small projects and quick prototypes, taking lesser storage space. Though plain; it has a clean code and is simple to understand. The CRUD based demo operations are integrated for simplified database entries. Generally, all the codes are more or less written in PHP, which does not require developers to learn any additional frameworks. This makes it easy for the developers to work with PHP Mini.



Zikula PHP Framework

Based on Symfony and Doctrine, Zikula is an open sourced PHP frame. It can be used for small, personal and also enterprise based projects. Zikula is well incorporated with the accepted Bootstrap 3 structure and Font Awesome 4. There are certain exclusive features involving elegant theme system, ModuleStudio, WYSIWYG editors, document originator, chat, galleries and many more. Zikula has managed to gain recognition for its high-end performance.



Silex PHP Framework

Inspired by Sinatra, Silex is a specialized PHP micro-structure for PHP 5.3. In fact, it is powerful enough to allow developers to create single file applications with a concise API. Considered highly technical, Symfony’s HTTP Kernel makes it possible for applications to be easily tested. The best part of having this PHP Framework is that it offers a secured development of applications.



Agavi PHP Framework

Agavi is a powerful, scalable PHP5 application that operates on the principles of the MVC paradigm. It allows developers to type clean, manageable and flexible code. Agavi puts emphasis on constant quality rather than short-ranged decisions. When it comes to quality app framework, Agavi is the preferred choice of developers. Technology has always been creating platforms that are advanced in nature and equipped with extensive features.


Typo 3 Flow

Typo 3-Flow

Making coding a happy experience and a thing to love, TYPO3 Flow is a web application podium empowering developers to create smarter web solutions. It is powered to give faster results. It can act as a stable base for creating various complicated applications. Another wonderful thing about this framework is that it has been supported extensively by major PHP communities.



PRADO (derived from PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented) is a component framework for PHP5. PRADO is an event-driven programming framework used for developing Web applications in PHP 5. It was first written in PHP4 by Qiang Xue in 2004, which was later re-written to PHP 5. One of the most important benefit of PRADO is that it enables maximum reusability of codes in programming and this hugely benefits the development teams in the long run as they can easily reuse their previous codes or other developers code in an easy way.



Cappuccino PHP Framework

This is not a coffee to be tasted; rather, it is a popular PHP framework to develop applications in a short time without missing out on essentials. Created by the 280North team of Motorola, it got popular for its rich features and ability to develop applications that might not have been possible on other framework bases.



Limonade PHP Framework

Limonade has managed to gain significance for high quality web designing and development solutions. Apart from this, Limonade is also excellent in assisting developers for speedy prototyping solutions.



Webasyst PHP Framework

Known as a suite for applications, Webasyst is meant to help the developers work together in teams, collaborations, and creating eCommerce stores.



Guzzle PHP Framework

The main use of Guzzle PHP framework is to allow developers to create applications that are less time consuming. The applications designed on this platform are extremely simple in managing tasks of an online store. Simplified coding makes it easy to understand share it.



YAF PHP Framework

Being another framework marvel based on core PHP, YAF is a primary MVC tool that has been written in C language and created as PHP Extension. It is considered as one of the speediest and the lowest resource consuming PHP structure as of now.


Akelos PHP framework

The Akelos Framework is an open-source port of Ruby on Rails to the PHP programming language and it implements many features from RoR, which helps in easily coding multilingual database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern. The Akelos Framework is a very developer friendly frame work and lets you write less code.


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