30 Free Lightweight JavaScript Plugins and Libraries

Lightweight JavaScript Plugins and LibrariesAll released this year, the free JavaScript plugins and libraries on this page all offer a straightforward and specific function.

There are no bloated all-in-one frameworks. Just useful, lightweight and problem-solving solutions to help make the web design and development process much easier and quicker for you.

As you would expect, there are plugins below for creating sliders, image galleries, responsive menus, modal windows, and many other common components. But you will also find plugins that offer a truly unique functionality, like sidebar margin notes, GIF previews, animated favicons, and much, much more.


baguetteBox.js is a simple and easy to use responsive image lightbox script with swipe gesture support on mobile devices. it has been written in pure JavaScript.

baguetteBox js simple easy lightbox script multiple gallery swipe gesture support mobile devices pure JavaScript


The ScrollReveal plugin makes it super-easy to create web page scroll animations for both desktop and mobile browsers.

ScrollReveal Easily create scroll animations web mobile browsers


Marginotes takes your jQuery selection and adds notes to the margin with the text provided in HTML attributes. If jQuery is not your thing, there’s also a version available without it.

Marginotes Quick margin notes with jQuery

Loud Links

Loud Links is a lightweight JavaScript library for adding interaction sounds to your website. It does this by creating an HTML5 audio element and using it to play MP3 or OGG audio files.

Loud Links tiny JS library interaction sounds


Bricks.js is a ‘blazing fast’ masonry layout generator for fixed width elements.

Bricks.js blazing fast masonry layout generator for fixed width elements


Written using vanilla JavaScript, MediumEditor is a lightweight (28kb) Medium.com WYSIWYG inline editor toolbar clone. There are also a selection of Mediumditor extensions and themes available.

vanilla JavaScript MediumEditor lightweight Medium WYSIWYG inline editor toolbar clone


Available as either a jQuery plugin or as vanilla JavaScript, the Philter gives you the means to control CSS filters with HTML attributes.

jQuery plugin vanilla JavaScript Philter control CSS filters HTML attributes


SuperEmbed.js is a JavaScript ibrary that detects embedded videos on webpages and makes them responsive.


Substance is a JavaScript library for web-based content editing. It gives you all of the tools you need for creating custom text editors and web-based publishing systems.

Substance JavaScript library for web-based content editing


List.js is a lightweight and fast vanilla JavaScript script that adds search, sort, filters and flexibility to lists, tables, or anything HTML.

List.js Lightweight fast vanilla JavaScript adds search sort filters and flexibility to HTML


jqGifPreview is a simple jQuery plugin for creating GIF previews just like you see on Facebook.

jqGifPreview jQuery plugin GIF previews like Facebook


Datedropper.js is a jQuery plugin that gives you a an easy way to manage dates for input fields.

Datedropper js - A new and easy to install jQuery datepicker plugin


jfMagnify is a jQuery plugin that creates a magnify glass effect on any HTML element, not just images.

jfMagnify jQuery plugin html images magnify glass effect

jQuery formBuilder

jQuery formBuilder is a new jQuery plugin for quick, drag & drop form creation.

jQuery formBuilder jQuery plugin drag and drop form creation


Popper.js is a lightweight (4kb minified) library for managing poppers, tooltips and popovers. You can quickly and easily position tooltips with just a single line code.

Popper.js Kickass Library Manage Your Poppers Tooltips Popovers

Image Blur Plugin

Image Blur Plugin is a lightweight cross-browser jQuery plugin for blurring images.

Image Blur Plugin Ultra Small jQuery Plugin Blurring Images


InlineTweet.js allows you to easily create tweetable links out of any text on a webpage. All you have to do is wrap the tweetable text in a container with data-inline-tweet.


iMissYou.js is a handy little jQuery plugin for changing the title & favicon of the page when the user moves away from your website.

iMissYou.js jQuery plugin Change Title Favicon Page


SweetAlert2 is a beautiful and customizable replacement for JavaScript’s popup boxes.

SweetAlert2 beautiful customizable replacement for JavaScript Alert


Turntable.js is a responsive jQuery slider that will flip through a selection of images as your mouse moves across a container.

Turntable.js responsive jQuery slider rotate through list of images


Force.js is a JavaScript library that makes it simple to animate HTML elements and navigate around a web page.

Force.js easy way scroll animate your page


Push.js is a cross-browser solution for getting up and running with Javascript desktop notifications.


Bideo.js is a JavaScript library that makes it very easy to add fullscreen background videos to web pages.

Bideo.js Easy fullscreen HTML5 background video Web


Microlight.js is a lightweight code highlighting library, for any programming language, that greatly improves readability.

Microlight.js code highlighting library improves readability

Algolia Places

Algolia Places is an easy way to use an address search autocomplete JavaScript library on your website.

Algolia Places address search autocomplete JavaScript library


Written in vanilla JavaScript, flatpickr is lightweight datetimepicker and calendar solution.


Slidebars is a jQuery Framework for adding off-canvas menus and sidebars to your website or web application.


anime.js is a flexible and lightweight JavaScript animation library. It works with CSS, Individual Transforms, SVG, DOM attributes and JS Objects.

anime.js flexible lightweight JavaScript animation library


Cleave.js – Format your <input/> content when you are typing.


Skippr is a super simple and lightweight slideshow plugin for jQuery


iziModal.js is an elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight modal jQuery plugin.


Lightgallery.js is a fully featured JavaScript lightbox gallery with no dependencies.

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