20 New Free Javascript and jQuery Plugins

Javascript and jQuery PluginsJohn Resig developed the jQuery library in 2006, and since then this become the most popularJavaScript libraries on the web. Without a doubt, jQuery is well known and frequently used in the web design community. Jquery lets you prototype and create any kind of unique and creative user interface with minimal work and that is the reason why it increases in popularity each day.

Thanks to jQuery, web design became faster, easier and more approachable. Nevertheless, it may be difficult to browse through everything that is released and find the most amazing Javascript and Jquery plugins you can use. That’s why, in this article, we selected 20 new free Javascript and jQuery plugins that will help you create amazing galleries, forms, effects and more.

Check out this list and don’t forget to let us know which one is your favorite! Enjoy!

Sliding out panels with HTML & CSS

This is intriguing tutorial shows how to create a website hero made of sliding panels with the help of few lines of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Although is perfect for portfolio websites, it works great on mobile devices as well.

1 Sliding out panels with HTML & CSS

Pointy Slider – A slideshow based on panels

Pointy Slider it is an interesting slideshow based on panels.  This is actually a CSS and jQuery powered slideshow with sliding panels which expose background images.

2 Pointy Slider – A slideshow based on panels

Unslider – A simple jQuery carousel

Unslider is a great jQuery plugin which can help you a lot. This is easy to install and configure in order to create simple carousels.

3 Unslider – A simple jQuery carousel

Roll.js – Scroll tracking with javascript

Roll.js is a very small Javascript library that has less than 8kb. This is perfect for keeping track of position, scrolling, and pagination.

4 Roll.js – Scroll tracking with javascript

Pt – Create points, forms and spaces

Pt.js is a javascript plugin that is amazing for constructing interactive backgrounds with points, forms, and spaces. You won’t regret if you try it!

5 Pt

Minigrid – Minimal cascading grid layout

Minigrid is a minimalist and simple Javascript plugin that you will love. This plugin is suitable for creating masonry-style grid layouts.

6 Minigrid – Minimal cascading grid layout

Animated page transition with Ajax

This is a very interesting tutorial which explains how to create an Ajax powered page transition. It also shows you to include a slide-in content animation triggered by a side tabbed navigation.

7 Animated page transition with Ajax

Page scroll effects

This is a stunning mini-library which comes with 8-page scroll effects. You can use these effects to create beautiful sliders.

8 Page scroll effects

Color extraction effect with Vibrant.js

This tutorial provides information about creating a slideshow with a color palette creation effect with the help of CSS Filters and Vibrant.js.

9 Color extraction effect with Vibrant

Interactive drag & drop mockup coloring

This is a fun tutorial from Codrops.  This shows you how to color a website mockup by dragging and dropping a color droplet from a palette.

10 Interactive drag & drop mockup coloring


ReadRemaining.js is another cool and lightweight Jquery plugin that allows the users to know how long they’ll need to get through all of your articles. So neat!

11 ReadRemaining.js jQuery plugin

 Layzr.js – Lazy load plugin

Layzr.js is a lightweight and dependency-free library for lazy loading images. This great plugin enhances page speed by delaying the loading of images until they’re in the viewport.

12 Layzr

Flipside – Button to modal

Flipside is a plugin which creates smooth transitions from action to confirmation. These actions are created with few lines of CSS and jQuery.

13 Flipside – Button to modal

Slideout.js – Touch navigation menu

Slideout.js is a simple and dependency-free plugin which is perfect for creating touch slideout navigation menu both for web and mobile apps.

14 Slideout

Trampoline effect with CSS and SVG

This is an outstanding content navigation effect that utilizes the draggable Elastic Stack and Snap.svg for animating a background with a trampoline shape. So cool!

15 Trampoline effect with CSS and SVG

Grid item animation layout

This Grid layout is very responsive and easy to use. This magazine-like website layout has a fun animation effect that appears when opening the content.

16 Grid item animation layout

iconate.js – Trendy animations for icons

iconate.js is a lightweight and powerful Javascript library which is ideal for cross-browser icon transformation animations. You will love using this plugin in your projects.

17 iconate

Product grid with filter system

This is a free and powerful product grid with a filter system. This is a product grid with filtering system using Isotope.

18 Product grid with filter system

Chocolat.js – Lightbox jQuery plugin

Chocolat.js is a free jQuery plugin which is suitable for developing lightboxes. This plugin is bold and very responsive.

19 Chocolat

mojs – Motion graphics library

mojs is a motion graphic javascript library. This is perfect for creating amazing animations on the web.

20 mojs

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