20 Most Useful PHP Libraries

PHP LibrariesSince there isn’t a better alternative to the PHP, more and more developers are opting for it.

There are a huge number of PHP libraries available in the web, however choosing the best one could be a bit confusing.

We’ve gathered the best of the best PHP libraries to make development easily.

Hopefully these PHP libraries will help developers complete their projects with ease.


   1. Shellwrap

When it comes to PHP libraries this one creates magic. Powerful syntax and Linux / UNIX tools and easy collaboration of commands along with detecting PHP errors, Shellwrap does it all.

   2. Imagine

With image manipulation and in built PHP 5.3, Imagine is an OOP library that uses the best designs for best decoupling and unit testable code.3


   3. PHP Markdown

Although originally a port to the John Grubber PHP of Markdown, this library now contains PHP Markup Extra and other additional tools.


   4. PHP Error

Just as the name suggests, this PHP library helps in detecting errors along with Ajax works, code snipers and syntax highlights.


   5. Unirest

When it comes to light weight http libraries which offer help to the web developers, Unirest remains unparalleled.


   6. PHPgeo

PHPgeo is specially designed for measuring geographical co-ordinates and the distance between them.

   7. Faker

This PHP library creates fake data for stress tests, bootstrapping the database, creating XML documents and more.

   8. Parody

Parody is one of the simplest PHP libraries available which defines class structure and makes operation quick as well as helps in getting properties and installing objects.

   9. Klein

If you want a PHP 5.3 router which is speedy and easy, Klein is your thing. It is very useful in building website applications.


   10. Hoa

A perfect bridge joining the business and research areas, Hoa is extensible, structured and modular. It’s one of the best PHP libraries available.


   11. Gaufrette

This PHP5 library provides abstraction layer which allows you to develop an app without the headache of knowing where and how data is being stored.

   12. Buzz

Buzz is specifically created PHP library for HTTP issues.

   13. Alice

Alice provides users with essential data generating tools and produces loads of fake data and fixtures for development and testing of the project.

   14. Ham

Ham basically provides a PHP Microframework for various uses. It will add more tools for easy PHP development.

   15. Carbon

When working with date and time, Carbon is one of the easiest and simplest PHP libraries.

   16. uBench

uBench is one of the most useful PHP libraries for benchmark developing.

   17. PHP PasswordLib

Easily installed and used, PHP PasswordLib is meant for satisfying the cryptographic needs that may arise for developers.

   18. ColorJizz PHP

ColorJizz PHP was made to simplify the use of frameworks like Symfony 2. This PHP library uses PSR for creating namespaces.

   19. Whoops

Whoops helps in easy management of errors and exceptions resulting in better management of the project.


   20. Ratchet

Using WebSockets, Ratchet helps in the creation of bidirectional apps between client and servers.


Hopefully these PHP libraries will help developers complete their projects with ease.

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