100 Best Tools for Coders & Developers

developer tools

Want fame and fortune? Learn to code! This post explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category.

Included here are tools to help you communicate better with your team, share code, test your app and track usage, add functionality and much more. Whether you are a mobile or web app developer, I’m sure you will find something new to love here.

Random & Cool

  1. Tracelytics – Full stack application tracing. Cloud APM.
  2. TaskMissile – Makes getting client feedback fast, easy and exact.
  3. Kera – Activate more users with in-app tutorials.
  4. Flowdock – Team inbox with chat. Collaboration web app for technical teams.
  5. Modulus – Host, scale and gain insights into Node.jsapplications.
  6. Cloud Assault – Load testing without the aeronautics degree.
  7. Metricfire – Powerful application metrics made easy.
  8. Interstate – Turn potential tire-kickers into loyal users. Open project management.
  9. codenow – Developer collaboration. Easily share and discover code.
  10. Lingohub – Start localizing your software for better market adoption.
  11. TranslateKarate – Simple online translation and localization toolkit.
  12. Kickfolio – The simplest way to market your apps.
  13. Snippets – Don’t reinvent your code. Code snippets manager.

Learn to Code

  1. Treehouse – Learn to design and develop for the web and iOS.
  2. Codecademy – Interactive, fun way to learn to code with friends.
  3. Code School – Where web professionals learn by doing.
  4. Udacity – Learn by solving challenging problems from world-renowned instructors.
  5. Coursera – Lots of computer science classes–for free.
  6. RubyMonk – Interactive ruby tutorials.
  7. Khan Academy – Free world-class education on a variety of programming topics.
  8. School of Webcraft – The peer-powered way to learn web development.
  9. Google Code University – Tutorials, introductions and courses.
  10. Orientation to Android Training – Official Android classes.
  11. phpacademy – Free PHP video tutorials.

Source Control

  1. GitHub – Social coding.
  2. Pixelapse – Visual version control. Get a time-lapse view of your designs.
  3. Bitbucket – Free source code hosting.
  4. Versions – Subversion Mac client.
  5. SourceTree – A free Mac client for Git and Mercurial version control systems.
  6. OFFSCALE – Get your database under control. DB version management.
  7. Tower – Git client for Mac.

Development Platforms

  1. Heroku – Cloud application platform. Deploy and scale powerful apps.
  2. Compilr – Develop and learn code all from the comfort of your web browser.
  3. Kinvey – Mobile cloud backend as a service.
  4. Firebase – A scalable real-time backend for your website.
  5. Cloud9 – Online IDE.
  6. Parse – The complete mobile app platform.
  7. CloudMine – The backend as a service for mobile and web apps.
  8. Koding – Browser-based IDE. A new way for developers to get work done.
  9. AppHarbor – .NET cloud platform as a service.
  10. dotCloud – Deploy, manage and scale any web app.
  11. BrainEngine – Cloud-based Force.com development platform.
  12. StackMob – Powering mobile applications.
  13. PHP Fog – Rock solid cloud platform for PHP.
  14. Backrest – Easy creation of Saas data backends.
  15. Codeanywhere – Online code editor.
  16. NeptuneIDE – Full-featured, cloud-based IDE for PHP.
  17. Fusegrid – ColdFusion in the cloud.
  18. Cloud IDE – Code and deploy in the cloud.
  19. FriendCode – A social network revolving around an online code editor.
  20. ToolsCloud – Development environment in the cloud.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

  1. TestPilot – Continuous software delivery and integration, simplified.
  2. CircleCi – Continuous integration for web apps. Easy, fast, automated testing.
  3. Railsonfire – Continuous integration and deployment for Ruby.
  4. Wercker – Continuous deployment made easy.
  5. hostedci – Hosted continuous integration for iOS and Mac.

Bug Tracking, Feedback & Monitoring

  1. Crashlytics – Powerful and lightweight crash reporting for iOS and Android.
  2. Usersnap – A screenshot paints a thousand words.
  3. Crittercism – Stop worrying and start building. Mobile app performance monitoring.
  4. Rollbar – Fix errors faster. Realtime error reporting and tracking.
  5. New Relic – Web application performance management (APM).
  6. Exceptional – Tracks errors in web apps and reports them in realtime.
  7. BugSense – Mobile app insights and crash reporting.
  8. Bugzilla – Server software to help you manage software development.
  9. Bugify – Simple PHP issue tracking for small teams.
  10. BugHerd – Simple bug tracker. Capture feedback effortlessly.
  11. Snowy Evening – Bug and issue tracking with Github integration.


  1. Twilio – APIs for voice, VoIP and text messaging.
  2. Veritable – The predictive database.
  3. Stripe – Payments for developers.
  4. Factual – Structured data APIs.
  5. Filepicker.io – Simplify user content handling.
  6. PubNub – Blazingly fast cloud-hosted messaging service for real-time apps.
  7. Mailgun – Email for developers. Send, receive, track and store email.
  8. Context.IO – The missing email API. Leverage email data in applications.
  9. Semantics3 – APIs for product data.
  10. Qubulus – Indoor positioning service provider.
  11. Sent.ly – SMS HTTP API using your own Android phone.
  12. Cloudeo – Live video and voice for developers.
  13. Embedly – Convert standard URLs into embedded videos, images and more.
  14. Scaled Recognition – Make images actionable.

Game Development

  1. Viximo – Global social game distribution platform.
  2. XNA – Game development tools from Microsoft.
  3. Scoreloop – Cross-platform mobile gaming SDK. Virtual currency and more.
  4. Yodo1 – Mobilize your games in China.
  5. Game Closure – Offer a JavaScript game SDK. Runs on mobile/tablet devices.
  6. scoreoid – The ultimate server platform for game developers.
  7. FTW – Universal gaming identity. Sync saves, scores, friends across devices.
  8. Storybricks – Create your own MMO experience.

Mobile Development

  1. Codiqa – Insanely fast mobile prototyping.
  2. AppCooker – Advanced iOS mockup generator for mobile applications.
  3. Apptentive – Easy in-app feedback for iPhone application developers.
  4. AppCod.es – iOS app store SEO and marketing.
  5. Chupa Mobile – The marketplace for mobile app components.
  6. Appboy – User engagement, CRM, analytics and more.
  7. Flurry – Analytics, traffic acquisition and monetization.
  8. Octopod – Mobile development platform.
  9. Little Eye – Battery profiler tool for Android apps.


  1. Binpress – Source-code marketplace: components, packages, classes, scripts.
  2. UploadCare – Handles uploads and storage so you can focus on other things.
  3. Eden – PHP library designed for rapid prototyping and less code.
  4. appbackr – Crowdfunding marketplace for mobile apps.
  5. Modkit – Programming for any thing.
  6. TechScratch – Focus on what you are good at and get help with the rest.
  7. Storyteller – Build great websites with content from anywhere.
  8. Feed.Us – CMS for web apps.
  9. Hosted Graphite – Simple, hosted graphite as a service.
  10. Divshot – The interface builder for web apps. Rapid HTML5 prototyping.
  11. CSS Piffle – No more photo editing software for web design.
  12. FlyWithMonkey – Tools for HTML5 app developers.
  13. Expanz – Build better business apps. One server, any device.
  14. Zapstreak – Airplay for Android.
  15. RepoDrop – Private Git repository hosting.
  16. CodeWars – Train and test your skills or battle other developers.
  17. Architexa – Understand/document complex Java code bases in Eclipse.
  18. UserMetrics – Analytics to help you understand how users use your software.
  19. Setapp – Share and discover insanely great tools.
  20. Coder Bounty – Place bounties on code issues.
  21. Last5 – Productivity and time tracking for developers.
  22. XtGem – Visual mobile site building.
  23. uTest – End to end application testing.

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