10 Best WordPress Migration Plugins

WordPress Migration PluginsMigrating your WordPress site from one server or domain to another server or domain is no easy task. It involves a bit of technical expertise, but with the right tools it should be an easy task. It is easy to develop a site but moving a local installation to a live server is a challenging task. There might be many reasons to migrate a WordPress site, such as moving to a new web host, clone an installation to speed up the website building process and many more.

In this article we will look at some of the best WordPress migration Plugins including free as well as some of the premium options.

Here’s a list of 10 Best WordPress Migration Plugins that will help you move your website from one location to another.

WP Clone By WP Academy

WP Cone by WP Academy

If you’re looking for an easy and safe migration, then the WP Clone plugin by WP Academy is for you. It is one of the easiest and fastest way to migrate your WordPress site to another domain or server. It is better than many of the premium plugins owing to its unique features.

The plugin doesn’t backup the WordPress system files, it only restores and backup the user content and database thereby reducing upload time and improving security of your site. You can also use the plugin to move your site or create copies for testing purposes.

WP Migrate DB Pro

Wp Migrate db pro

WP Migrate DB Pro is an awesome plugin for migrating your database from one WordPress install to another in just a click. The plugin is feature-rich and it’s great for developers who develop their site locally and then wish to transfer to a production server or vice versa.

The plugin also runs a scan on serialized data identifying strings and runs a find and replace on it so that the data doesn’t get corrupted. You can also select the tables that you wish to migrate, filter out posts and exclude any useless data. The plugin has been stress tested on massive database and comes with solid security. It is available for a price of $90 for 12 WordPress installation.

WordPress Move

WordPress Move
WordPress Move is a great option for migrating your installation to another server. You can also change the domain name, the plugin also allows you to transfer database and create backups of your installation.

It’s a popular plugin and have been downloaded thousands of times and has been heavily tested yet there is a note of caution from the developer. Hence, It is always advisable to create backup of your website before migrating it.

All-in-One WP Migration

All-in-one Wp Migration

All-in-One WP Migration is a simple, solid option to get your site WordPress site migrate from one domain to another in an easy process and it is free. All-in-One Migration is quite popular WordPress migration plugin with great ratings as well.

The plugin offers you to easily migrate database, media files, plugins and theme in just a few clicks. The plugin is mobile friendly and gives you a great mobile experience.


If you’re looking for a super straight forward migration, then MyEasyBackup is for you.

Not only does the plugin create a backup, restore your WordPress, it can also migrate your complete WordPress installation with a single click – making the whole process much easier for you.

WP Backitup


WP Backitup, like other solutions described above, is first and foremost a backup plugin. Unlike the others, WP Backitup limits restoring from backups in the free version of the plugin, requiring you to purchase the premium version that starts at $79.

WP Backitup provides automated scheduled backups and stores them on their servers. You can create complete backups including the database, themes, plugins and media uploads. The premium version of WP Backitup not only adds unlimited restore capabilities and automated backups, it also provides the ability to copy or migrate a site based on the same backup and restore process.

WP Backitup is a viable alternative for non-technical site owners looking for a cheaper hosted backup solution that facilitates site migrations.



Duplicator is a free WordPress migration plugin, and it is much more than a simple migration plugin. It is used to clone, copy or migrate a site from one location to another. This plugin is created by developers for developers and it requires technical expertise.

The plugin is quite popular and has been downloaded more than 600,000 and has a tremendous rating of 4.9. With so many installs and such rating, this plugin is a winner. Although the plugin is known as migration plugin but, it also serves as a backup utility.

Backup Buddy


Backup Buddy is a premium backup and migration plugin developed by iThemes. The plugin is essentially used to create backups but it is also a great option for migrating your website from one server or domain to another.

Apart from the full backup and migration, the plugin also offers restoration and complete security. Recovering your site becomes an easy task with this plugin on your side. Since it is a premium plugin it comes with extensive documentation and excellent support as well.


UpdraftPlus is primarily a backup plugin with a brilliant rating and with over 3 million downloads, it also comes with a strong migration feature. You can easily clone your WordPress website or move it to another domain for testing or development purposes.

It even sends data directly between websites and you can do it directly from your dashboard within a matter of minutes. You can also import backups from other websites or other premium backup plugins such as Backup WordPress, BackWPUp and more.


VaultPress is primarily a backup and security plugin, but the migration mechanism is strong as well.
The migration option is only there in the premium version, the free plugin only offers backup and synchronization facilities. The backup and the restore functionality help you migrate your site to a new server.

Though it is a not a migration plugin, but it is a good bet as it offers protection of your site and is a great option for your site backups.


There are thousands of migration plugins available in the market, these are some of the best according to their functionality and user-friendly interface. We hope you like the collection, let us know if you have used any other migration plugin and found it useful. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.

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