10 Best Website Downloader for Developers

Download entire websites to work offline or do research

There are plenty of reasons to work offline with websites. Researchers, students, journalists, business people, marketers, and anyone who spends hours on the web can benefit from downloading entire websites for use in an offline browser. Offline browsers provide quick load times with no wait time like you encounter on the internet. Here are several website copier or website Downloader programs you can try.

Website copier or Website Downloader means nothing but software’s to copy/download website to local drive. Such software’s are very easy to use and saves lot of time. It reduces developers headache upto 90%.

Once site is downloaded or copied, developer just need to replace the data, images, filenames and links. That’s it..!!!

Offline Explorer

Its my personal favorite downloader. It is powerful and full of features. The more important thing to like this product is, it is very user friendly. Anyone can get started easily and understand its functionality.

You can set download priority for selected file types. Plus, you can manage multiple sites. If you can see “example” word in red box on left hand side, there will be list of sites to work with. Can control the speed of download. Can stop download at certain size like 100 MB.

Offline Explorer – Best Website Copier or Website Downloader

Website Ripper Copier

Website Ripper Copier is just like Offline Professional. It also have all the powerful features. It ask you to set exploring level, file type & size, destination location, priority, etc. Only difference is, it ask you for such setting for every single download. Its kind of go through process.

But, this software has a by default setting to append “.htm” extension to PHP files. You cant run PHP files with htm extension. So, user must need to change the setting before start the project.

Goto to Edit->Options->Default Project Configuration->Mirroring. Deselect checkbox which says “Append .htm to page files where necessary”. Clcik OK. You are good to download.

Website Ripper Copier – Best Website Copier or Website Downloader

Website Extractor

You can use this software to surf any website online as well as offline. It too covers all the basic features like start/stop download, schedule download, file types & size, etc. It has added feature that, you can select the country from where you would like to download the site. Its very much alike Offline Explore.

Once the site is downloaded, you can check it online or offline as you would like to check. It provides trial version for particular time period. So, you can check its functionality and go for pro version if you want.

Website Extractor – Best Website Copier or Website Downloader

SurfOffline Professional

SurfOffline provides basic functionality. It is not like above two softwares. And so, it is light weight compare to other softwares. Its user interface is not user friendly. User will have to find for options like, offline/online mode to visit site. It must present on top toolbar.

Surfoffline Pro – Best Website Copier or Website Downloader


This software is particularly developed for Macintosh user. Once you hit download button, it automatically downloads all the resources, files in respective folders just like rest of the softwares. You can check the downloaded history with SiteSucker.

Site Sucker – Best Website Copier or Website Downloader

Darcy Ripper

Darcy Ripper is differ when it comes to installation. You dont need to install it like other s/w’s. It provide a zip file. You just need to download that zip folder and unzip it. It contains jar file. Double click on executable jar file and you are good to go. Its a biggest file compare to others.

It contains basic feature like start/stop process and basic setting like save path, etc. User interface is easy but not compare to others.

Darcy Ripper – Best Website Copier or Website Downloader


HTTrack is useful to download sites based on HTML files only. If you go for sites based on PHP files, it will download them but it convert all PHP files into HTML. It has lots of drawbacks. Yet, you might think, why I mentioned this site..?

Despite of these drawbacks, lot of people use this site. It ranks under 8900 as per Alexa ranking as of today. Its quite a good ranking. So, I thought, user must know such site.

Httrack Website Copier – Best Website Copier or Website Downloader


The free edition of PageNest is a good alternative to a website ripper with a simple and easy to use interface.

PageNest allows you to download and categorize websites, as well as browsing them within the program’s own viewer. It can also show what new or updated content has been added to an archived website.

The commercial Pro version of PageNest, among other things, adds the ability to schedule auto-updates to archived sites.


GetLeft is another contender in this category. It is an open-source freeware product that allows you to download entire web sites or single webpages.

It can change all the links to ensure that the downloaded site is still functional, can resume downloads if the connection is poor or lost, and can also follow links to external sites, i.e. download pages from external sites.

However, it only processes the HTML, so it won’t process files embedded with JavaScript.

Web Site Downloader

Use Web Site Downloader to download webpages, graphics, audio and everything else all at once. The software puts your files in folders just the way they are on your website so they are easy to find. You can customize Web Site Downloader to do exactly what you tell it to do. The software has a filter feature you can use to tell it what not to download.

Web Site Downloader is compatible with Windows 7 and earlier.



All the above software’s work in same manner with less or more features. If you go deeply, nobody need “download scheduler” or “restrict file size” or “speed control of download”,  etc. These are added features which differ them from each other.

I will prefer Offline Explore as it is user friendly and very powerful. It functions properly. You can make choice according to your requirement. All are best. Top 3 are much more useful. Just have 1-2 feature issues which does not matter that much.

But, I would like to bring HTTrack into focus once again. Even its not as powerful as others, still, it is used by thousands of user. I guess, its light structure make it more popular. Developers are always in hurry. HTTrack led them in only one direction and provide desired output. And so, all like it.

There are lots of other software’s available in market to copy websites. I tried 10, out of which I find these 7 more helpful. So, I mentioned these seven. Your list might be different than mine. So, You can always suggest me if you know more powerful and useful software than these seven.

If you think, I have missed any point to mention, please share it through comment. It will be helpful to our readers and me as well.

And if you liked the post, please share it with your friends and colleagues. Thanks..!!!

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